About Us



New Fishall Bait Company is a Frozen Bait Wholesale Manufacturer and Distributor.

It was founded by brothers Robert and Paul Williams in 1949. The business started as a wholesale distributor selling only frozen bait to local tackle stores. 

For many years the business operated in Wilmington, Ca until it moved it’s location to  Gardena, Ca in 1979.

  Throughout the years, New Fishall has expanded bait selection for big game fishing and other fishing products including live worms for ocean and lake fishing.  The company has been selling product to local regions and also supply customers who are out of state and country as well. 

   For three generations, New Fishall Bait Company is a family owned friendly small wholesale business that manufactures and distributes frozen and live bait.  We strive to meet the needs for our store customers and we aspire to provide fishing satisfaction and fun for the enthused fisherman.  

Our Logo

What about our Logo


The New Fishall Bait Company logo is designed with two Mako Sharks facing away from the skull between them.  It is actually the emblem for 

Keith the “Sharktagger” Poe who is a conservationist researcher.  With the immpressive efforts and experience of tag and release by 

the Sharktagger, we here at New Fishall support the idea of catching and releasing sharks when possible. 

To know more about the Sharktagger, just look him up and like on Facebook.



We sell a wide variety of frozen bait and other items for ocean and lake fishing to tackle shops and more