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2019 Fred Hall Show at Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center

We will be selling our tee shirts, butter and oil attractants at our booth.  So look for us.  You can't miss it.  It will be the booth with a record Mako Shark attacking a shark cage!

March 6-10, 2019

Get Your Baits and Gear Ready for Final Days of Lobster Fishing 2019

Lobster Fishing will come to a close on March 20, 2019.  Make sure all your baits and gear are all set and go out there and have fun!  We have baits and attractants for lobsters in some stores now.   If you haven’t been informed about lobster fishing, please read regulations on the Fish and Game website.

Our Attractions Can Be Used For All Kinds Of Fishing!

*It has been tested and proven that using New Fishall‘s Bug Juice on Power Bait helps catch Trout at Santa Ana River Lakes.  Lots of tugs and bites.  To bump up a level, add a meal worm.

(try size 14 treble hook; color of the day Power Bait; 4# leader; swivel; 8# line; light sinker optional)

*Use New Fishall’s Bug Juice as a marinade for your baits. 

*New Fishall’s Chum can also attract lobster.